How to Wear Hair Scarves… the double dutch french braid

How to Wear Hair Scarves… the double french braid


Simple and chic hair scarves are everywhere this season. Here is a quick guide on how to create super stylish hair styles with your scarves, twills and wild rags. It’s all in preparation.


Create Texture & Volume

  1. Create big loose beach waves by sectioning the hair into several smaller pieces and wrapping the strands around a curling iron or wand. We used HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron/Wand 
  2. Hold curls for 2-3 seconds to help cool and set the curl, spray with Kenra Platinum Working Spray #14
  3. Create volume and fullness through backcombing and teasing you roots.

Big Braids

  1. Create a Z- zig zag pattern part down the center of your head to add more texture and dimension to your braids.
  2. Begin a loose “inside out French braid” or Dutch braid which means that the outer strands go under rather than over the braid. Loosen the braid by tugging at the outer strands as you go. Continue braiding until you reach the base of the neck once done secure the braid with a clear elastic and repeat on the second side.

Adding the silk scarf

silk is recommended for protection of your hair.


  1. First pick your favorite silk scarf from Whipin then starting at the base of the left braid thread the scarf through the braid using a Pin tail comb.
  2. Continue threading the scarf through your braid with the comb until  you reach the crown, be sure to pull enough of the scarf through to make sure you’ll be able to weave down the right braid.
  3. Fold or roll the scarf into a headband across the crown and then repeat weaving the scarf down the right braid.
  4. Now you should have equal lengths of scarf on either side, braid the remaining scarf into the remaining hair on each side and secure with a clear elastic.

The knot

  1. With a braid in each hand time them together with a simple knot, nothing fancy.
  2. Secure the knot to your head with bobby pins, you many needs quite a few depending on your hair thickness.
  3. Loosen and fluff the braids and you’re done!

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