Founded and curated by entrepreneur and cowgirl Trisha Giles, Whipin Wild Rags Boutique is a collection of iconic western fashion and sophisticated style for the unapologetically fancy ranchy cowgirl. Each Whipin Wild Rags design is inspired by women that are just as comfortable in a pair of stilettos as they are in the saddle and believe wild rags are just as fitting on the beach as they are in the branding pen or barrel race. 


And if you needed a reason to shop, which we don't think you do but you'll feel guilt-free about your purchase from Whipin Wild Rags knowing that we tithe 10% of all profits to local churches and organizations and you're supporting a small business!


Our goal is for Whipin Wild Rags to be 100% made in the USA by 2022. With that, we're also working to reduce our environmental impact by using sustainably sourced materials and reduce packing waste and plastics that wind up in landfills and taking away more natural grazing and agricultural land.  


Our team at Whipin Wild Rags is dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is the absolute best it can be.

Whether you have questions regarding our products, our services or just need shopping advice, we're here for you.


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