How to Wash and Care for your Wild Rags

  • Test for Fiber Durability  

Washing can damage some fabrics and delicates, but most silk garments can be washed safely.  To test silk quality, crush the fabric in your hand, then let go. If it feels full and "liquid" and smooths out quickly, it probably can be hand-washed. If it holds the wrinkles, have the garment dry-cleaned.

  • Test for Color Fastness

Before washing colored silk, test for colorfastness. Dampen the fabric inside a seam and wait a few minutes. Then dab the spot with a white clot. If the color comes off, the dye will run when washed, and you must dry-clean the garment.

  • Washing Silk & Delicates

Wash in tepid water -- no warmer than your skin -- with Whipin Wild Rag Wash detergent.

Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the first rinse to remove soap residue and restore luster to the fabric. Then rinse thoroughly with water one final time.

If the label on the garment says it's safe to iron, do so. Iron while the item is still damp for the best results, with cool iron, on the wrong side, and finish drying on a padded hanger

Never Iron, polyester or other synthetic fibers. 


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