The Boardroom


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The Boardroom 100% Silk Wild Rag from The Corporate Cowgirl Collection by Dani Reinhart x Whipin Wild Rags 

The Boardroom wild rag is inspired by timeless elegance, and a classic equestrian flare. This wild rag incorporates all the elements of timeless class as the perfect accessory to take on any boardroom. The design features a subtle horse shoe and leather motif intertwined with geometric patterns, symbolizing strength and adaptability. The sophisticated color palette of deep greens, neutrals, and hints of gold exudes professionalism with a touch of equestrian allure - the perfect powerhouse combination. 


  • Fabric: 100% 12mm Silk
  • Dimensions: 36"x36"
  • Hem: Folded & Sewn

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    Designed in the USA. Imported. All Rights Reserved by Dani Reinhart x Whipin Wild Rags  Inc. 2023

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