AP24 Whitening Tooth Paste


The paste is GOLD it's a fluoride whitening paste that helps whiten, prevent further stain, prevent cavities and plaque build up. Each tube lasts about two months.


Your teeth have never been cleaner of whiter! 

Who doesn't want a whiter and healthier smile?! Plus it's so easy to use all you do is brush!

🚫No Bleaches or Harsh Chemicals.
🚫No Sugar.
🚫Not damaging to Enamel.
🚫Gluten Free.
😁Gentle on Sensitive Teeth.
👶🏼Safe for Children
☕️🍷Amazing for coffee, wine or nicotine stains
❤removes stains from Caps & Veneers.
😘 way less money than whitening strips

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