Coral Boho Skull Wild Rag

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Coral Boho Skull Wild Rag

▪️ Function meets Fashion

▪️Use as a face covering for coverage without the discomfort of wearing a mask. 

▪️Smooth as 100% silk without the added cost… you and everyone else will never know the difference!

▪️ Stay chic and comfortable without the bulk or scratchy feeling left by wool and lesser quality wild rags commonly seen.

▪️36” and 42” are large enough for “Buckaroo” Knots, Slide, or to  wear as headband, belt, top, cover up - or just about anyway you can imagine!

▪️Learn How to Style & Tie Wild Rags HERE

Luxury Satin Wild Rag

    • Fabric: 100% Polyester
    • Dimensions: 36"x36"in.
    • Hem: Folded & Sewn 

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