Sunset tangerine stripe wild rag - SAMPLE SALE


▪️ Just as functional as it is fashionable.

▪️ As smooth as 100% silk without the added cost… you and everyone else will never know the difference!

▪️ Stay chic and comfortable without the bulk or scratchy feeling left by wool and lesser quality wild rags commonly seen.

▪️Dozens of designs you’re sure to find one as unique just like you to create your new signature look! Order an extra because this one is sure to get stolen by your sister!

▪️36” and 42” are large enough for “Buckaroo” Knots, Slide, or to  wear as headband, belt, top, cover up - or just about anyway you can imagine!

▪️Learn How to Style & Tie Wild Rags HERE

Luxury Satin Wild Rag

    • Fabric: 100% Polyester
    • Dimensions: 36"x36"in.
    • Hem: Folded & Sewn 

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