Which size wild rag or scarf should I order?

That depends on what you want to do with your wild rag. The most common size is the 36"x36" It is large enough to tie a buckaroo knot and gives you the classic wild rag look.

The larger 42"x42" is preferred by some men and women who want more fabric and options for styling, this size also works well for headscarves and gives the desired flowing look.

The 22"x22" is the size of the traditional red bandana, it works well as a face mask in the dust or styled with a knot or slide!

The smallest variety the 18"x18" is perfect for ladies wanting to tie a headband or small scarf around their neck, they are a little small for a slide but look great with a simple square knot.

Twilly Scarves measure 3" x 72". They make awesome headbands, chokers, purse ties, scarves, belts the possibiities are limtless.

These are favorites of fashionistas and riders in the show ring to really complete an outfit.