We use SyncLogic to allow wholesalers to connect our products to their retail shops. You can sync our products with your Shopify store front in a few simple steps.

If you are already using SyncLogic, here are the connection links
to our different product collections:
Link to SyncLogic  https://www.synclogicapp.com/shop_syncs?new?74y60z18In Stock Product Code: D7JCI5AQ

If you are new to drop shipping and want to connect our items to your store front, follow these steps:
  1. Add the SyncLogic app to your Shopify storefront. (Learn more about this app and how to connect it to your account here.)
  2. Once installed, select the links below to install these collections to your store front. Or, you can also visit the app section of your shopify account, open up SyncLogic, and choose “subscribe to connection.”
  3. Input the connection code for the collections you want to include:
Link to SyncLogic  https://www.synclogicapp.com/shop_syncs?new?74y60z18In Stock Product Code: D7JCI5AQ

You will need to download the SyncLogic app.  Please note that this app is only available for use through Shopify.  Go Here to find it: Apps-->visit Shopify app store and then search SyncLogic.
Install app and modify your settings. Click the wheel in the upper right hand corner next to FAQ.
  • Turn off price sync (When the products import, you will have our suggested retailed attached to your sell price, you may want to change that to YOUR sell price. By turning off the sync, YOUR prices will not be overridden by our pricing when we do updates).
  • Turn off Online Store Visibility Sync. (This will import all new products as hidden, so you have time to make your price adjustments and any other adjustments you want to make to the product)
  • Do not turn off any other syncing until later in the process! 
  • Now you will want to connect to our store via the email you received with your invitation.
  • You will have some options once you initiate the sync. These are what you want to select:
    • When setting up your connection please make sure you follow these steps when setting up the connection.
    • Enter your connection code 
    • Click "match product with handle on accepted connection" under matching strategy
    • Click "create New products when one is not found"
    • Click "unpublish product" under unlink behavior
    • Click on "field transformations" --- click the hyperlink that says optional to access
    • Go to the Field Mappings Section and click BOTH boxes. 
      • Acknowledge 
      • Connect
  • The syncing process can take up to 30 minutes initially, so initial the sync and take some time for you. We all need a little down time, right?
  • Once the sync has completed, you may want to adjust some more settings.
    • If you want to take your own pictures, disable Images. This will make it so that your own gorgeous photos are not overridden by our stock images as updates happen. 
    • If you would like to edit the descriptions, disable descriptions. You may want to do this if you are taking your own pictures and want to note the models size. 
  • Updating and Editing New Products on Initial Sync
    • On the initial sync, go to Shopify Admin---> Products and you can sort by vendor (Whipin Wild Rags) to find all of our products. 
    • Click on the check box on the left of the product that you are going to want sell (you can check a few, or all) and then click edit products
    • From here you will be able to mass edit all of our products and adjust it to YOUR sell price.  Please note that you have to sell at our suggested MSRP price or HIGHER, not lower.  Once this is done, hit SAVE and go back to the previous page.  All prices should come over as the suggest MSRP if you checked off the boxes mentioned above in the initial setup.
    • Checkbox those same items and under the "actions" button, you can choose to publish the items you just updated. 
We reserve the right to revoke access at anytime.  If you are not actively selling item via Synclogic ($500+ in 3 months) your Synclogic connection will be revoked.  We do accept returns/exchanges for Synclogic orders.  If an item arrives damaged, please send a photo of the item within 7 days.  We will replace the item for the customer or issue a credit/refund if the item is no longer in stock. 
Dropshipping Q&A
Save Time & Money!
Your customers will love you.
Everything Ships in 2 days.
Other helpful Q&A's:
Q: What is Drop Shipping?
A: Dropshipping with SyncLogic allows Whipin Wild Rags inventory to be offered real time on your website without ever purchasing or handling the product. As your customers order, the integrated SyncLogic software collects payment from your customer at the retail price, immediately invoicing you the wholesale price. Once paid, Wild Wild Rags can quickly process and fulfill shipment directly to your customer.

Q: What are the advantages?
A: You can sell product without ever owning and/or handling it, saving time and money. The customer receives their order faster. You never have to restock. You have full access to our unlimited inventory that is ready to ship within 2 business days.

Q: What are the disadvantages?
A: Our dropshipping products will have set shipping costs, so if you are offering a “free shipping” promotion and sell a Whipin product via drop shipping, there will always be shipping costs involved.