How to Tie A Wild Rag: The Buckaroo Knot

Wild rag and scarf season is here and Whipin Wild Rags is here to show you how easy tying the buckaroo knot in your silk scarf can be.

You'll be able to tie your wild rag in no time just follow these seven simple steps. 


Grab a wild rag if you've got one and follow these seven easy steps! 

  1. Get started by grasping the wild rag with your thumbs.  Make sure your palms are facing each other and you're holding up the peace sign.
  2.  Next, wrap the tail in your right hand around the peace sign of your left hand. Then hold the right tail with your left pinky. 
  3. With your right hand, grasp the tail from your left thumb and bring it under and over the top of the peace sign.
  4. Pinch your thumb to the peace sign on your left hand, so that your middle, pointer, and thumb are all together. 
  5.  Push the tail of the wild rag up through the of the space in between your neck and the wild rag.
  6. Take the tail that is in your right hand and use your thumb (from step 4) to create a space large enough that you can see the wrap on the palm side of your peace sign and slide the tail down under the wrap. 
  7. You should begin to see the "square" forming. Once the tail is though , remove your left hand and grasp each tail firmly and pull tight. 

Congratulations you just learned the buckaroo knot. For more ideas and tips visit our Style Blog & Tutorials



Photos by: Photo Designs by Mikie Ericson

Model: Kimmy Ferrante


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