3 Easy and Stylish Ways to Wear Wild Rags Everyday

Learn How To Tie and Style Wild Rags and Scarves in Your Hair

If you've been wanting to try the hair scarf trend we've got a few tips that will have you looking chic in no time. Like everything the key to getting a great finished product is in the preparation. There are only 3 steps to create these classic looks with your favorite wild rag or silk scarf. 

Step 1: Create texture and Volume

Using a 1 1/4" curling wand wrap 2" sections of your hair around the barrel, be sure to leave at least 1 1/2" on the ends loose to prevent the dreaded Shirley Temple curl. Tease your hair at the root about 2" from your scalp to create volume. If your hair has trouble holding a curl be sure to spray with a light finishing hair spray. 

Step 2: Pick the Correct Size Wild Rag

For the best results you will need a 36" wild rag, some companies make a 34" and they will work however you will not have enough length to create the western bohemian looks that we are showing you here with a 36"x36" wild rag. The same can be said for 42" wild rags which are essentially bed sheets. There is just too much going on and they can be a bit overpowering especially if you're petite or even average size. For that reason Whipin designs Wild Rags for Women which are sizes and designed just for you! 

Step 3: Pick your style Headband, Head wrap or Headscarf

Once you know which style you want to create, fold your wild rag accordingly.

Always start with you wild rag flat with the pretty side facing down, then grab opposite corners and bring them together forming a triangle with the pretty side of the fabric on the outside. From there you can choose to fold or roll your wild rag to create headbands or wraps or you can place the base of the triangle on your forehead or hair line and secure with you wild rag with a square knot for the classic pirate headscarf. 

Be sure to take a picture and tag #whipin when you're done! 

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