How to Triple your Revenue from Pop-up Events and Shows and Grow your List


The Summer hustle is here that means lots or shows and pop up events. If you’re not doing a few shows this summer you should be! These events are great opportunities to get into your community and gain a ton of new customers. The most important thing to keep in mind when you decide to attend or host an event is to have a plan and goals to determine if the event met your expectations and how to improve your performance each time.

I know most if you though about sales and a goal you hope to earn, which is important because sales pay the bills but step back and think more strategically about your events and focus on gaining Lifetime customers rather instead of a one time shopper. The cost of acquiring a new customer is around $6 for boutiques that is why retaining customers will save you thousands and triple your revenue each year if done correctly. I hope you are convinced now that your biggest goal should always be to build your list, if you have a large list you can always make the sale. If you don't have a list you don't even have a chance. 


Have a Blast Building your list!

 The Sales you makes while at events are fantastic but if that is your only focus you’re truly missing out on the GOLD!  Your number one priority is to add as many numbers and names to your list as possible, your want the lifetime customer not just the single sale! To build you list it’s all about the Opt-in! And NO a 10% discount is not enough to excite anyone now days! Your opt-in should be well worth their time and create an excitement. I love offering a free gift like a bath bomb or hair tie (preferably branded)  or playing a game like spin the wheel for prizes and discounts.

Tip: Create an event on Facebook wherever you’re at and ask them to check in, that way you can retarget that specific audience. Also when you announce the winner or post event updates you can Go LIVE and invite everyone that checked into that group! It creates a second experience and makes your new fans feel like that are apart of your tribe.

Make Your Place the Party Place. 

If you want your event to be the life of the party you have to plan for it like it’s a party. Starting out months before the event you need to think of what your customers may want that day …

 Be a customer, what would make you stop and shop. Start with a theme for your party then plan the details. Friday night fiesta is a fun theme for rodeos. How fun would it be to have a piñata and a sign that says step up and take a “shot”.  Have them enter their email, check in on FB whatever it is that you want them to do and let them take a whack at it! Have two or three people dressed according to your theme passing out a ticket “take a free shot” or some other clever slogan to build the crowd! Once they are there make sure you live up to the expectation you’ve created. Im talking about having a great playlist, you know those songs that everyone will sing along with, some interesting decor and a well organized and merchandize site. You job is to make sure everyone is having a great time and feeling like they are VIP’s.

A way to go above and beyond for your existing customers is to invite them to the event ahead of time via email, text or FB event invites. Once they arrive and check in offer them a free water or other inexpensive give and make sure it’s branded! We offer chairs for all the men to sit and relax while the women shop. The women no longer feel rushed by their husbands and as a result they spend more time with us! 


Out customers have a hard time tying knots and knowing how to style wild rags, therefore we go above and beyond to teach them, learn from them and occasional race them, it keeps our booth lively. Allows us to organically build trust and relationships that keeps them coming back year after year. 

Follow Up until Forever! 

After your event, follow up with with a thank you to your new subscribers via email and FB messenger. They will love you forever and appreciate that your fist follow up contact want one of gratitude and not “but this, get it now, coupons for that, etc” Include a few great pictures from the event and your customer will search for themselves in the background! Added connections. Remember we have to connect on average 21 times now before a customer will convert. 

Now that you've grown your list it's time to make sure your email campaigns are doing their job of serving NOT selling your customer. There is nothing that will get unsubscribes like sales pitch after sales pitch filling up an inbox. 


Tip: make sure your list is segmented, tag customers that only shop sales, or that like certain brands or go to certain events. This will help you communicate to them directly and built trust. Let me know if you need help in this area, id be glad to help you out!

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