Why Whipin : What Makes us Special and Why You'll Love Us

What Makes Whipin Unique

As a Brand Whipin so much more than scarves and accessories, this is a place you can come expecting lots fun, friendship, faith and of course some awesome western fashion!
Whipin is western fashion with a flair for different, which is why we've become a staple in the closets of so many ladies in the western industry from wives and rodeo girlfriends to the western fashion influencers and fashionistas you can be sure that Whipin is being worn at nearly every rodeo, western fashion runway, concert and honkey tonk across the US! 
If you're not already following us on social media I'd love to invite you to head on over there now! I'm usually on Instagram but I also occasionally scroll through "the book of faces" as I call it, and I'm completely addicted to Pinterest, so if your into planning anything from outfits to dinner follow me there too! And please feel free to like, share and pin our styles as if they are your own.
Come see us at the Whipin Wild Rags Booth 309
Stetson Country Christmas 
The Sands Convention Center in The Venetian
Dec 6 -16th 9am -5pm
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