Meet The Wild Rag Lady - Trisha Giles

Happy New Year, welcome to day 1 of 2021. I figured what better way to kick off the new year than to get catch you up on what's going on around here! 

 If you're new around here, my name is Trisha, and I am the lady behind the brand. And YES, in case you're wondering, I chose to take pics inside the feeder to hide my then 18-week baby bump.  Mammas, please drop all the hacks and tips below; Casey and I are new to this. Our little cowboy is coming in April 2021, and oh boy, do we have some work to do.

Remember before 2020 how we all said that our houses would be in perfect order if we just had a weekend to dedicate to it? Well, 2020 determined that that was a lie. And that's how basically how getting the nursery set up is going. 

Three White Mini Horses led by Trisha CEO of Whipin Wild Rags Wearing Lounge Wear by Boutique One Twenty One

Athleisure set  sold by Boutique One Twenty One

We have created one kind of nursery, one filled with a herd of calves, a mini horse, and two noisy goats for our little cowboy. Although his dad is hell-bent that we're not raising animal hoarders and that come spring, we'll be shipping most of the herd. I'll keep you posted on that! But today, we're thankful for the slight green tint that's starting to cover the hills from our first rain this season which, will feed our little guys' petting zoo until shipping season. I am secretly hoping if I supply all the cute and furry pets, I'll keep my little guys' attention off my main squeeze. Not Casey, I'm talking about my head horse Dubs. 

Team Roping - Hard Times - Ted Robinson Training Stables 2020

Not riding and especially not roping has been the most challenging part of pregnancy. No joke, this is the longest I've ever gone without riding. I keep saying my goal is to be back roping by May, but if I've learned one thing from 2020, everything will be ok even with a plot twist and pivot. 


Mylantalena X She's a Lot of Cash Hard Times AQHA Head horse and Cowgirl Wearing Camo Wild Rag

From head horse to headshots, we've been pivoting all year and cannot wait to show you what we've created; in true 2020 fashion, you're going to have to wait because shipping has been delayed. Good ole USPS!  

Behind the scenes at Ranch Photoshoot - Whipin Wild Rags X Boutique One Twenty One X Old Gringo X Vogt Silversmiths by Photo Designs by Mikie


I read this quote the other day, and it's resonated with me, so I had to share it with you! 

"What the new year brings to you will depend on what you bring to the new year."

 We plan on bringing you a lot of fashion, fun, and faith for 2021! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes all year long! And thank you to those that have been by our side through the years; your support has been a blessing to us!  




Thank you for a very nice and caring note. I understand how things get busy and twisted in these times.and we also are ranchers , rodeo and team Ropers. I have my own sweet grey dawg head horse. We’re headed with our whip in wild rags to AZ to rope and watch our daughter compete in the art of the cowgirl! Exciting and I wouldn’t trade anytime with my kids fir anything they are truely the best thing my wife and I ever did so I know you will enjoy and be great parents. Good will and god be there through it all and life will be a treasure. Happy 2021

Jeff January 03, 2021

Trisha you & Casey will be naturally great parents! So happy for you both.
Wishing you a healthy, joyous, and blessed 2021.

We are so proud you!

Jennifer Schicke January 01, 2021

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