Is Your City Next To Ban Rodeos

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Wow, I knew I was tired of preaching about western fashion this and that but I had no clue how tired you all of hearing about it too, we were all due to a little mix up, so lets keep this conversation going and continue covering topics that are changing the industry and the world we're living in today! Drop a comment on what big items you'd like to have a conversation about.

How it’s happening, what does it mean for us and how can we fight back

Activist groups are working to ban rodeos and have gained momentum in the last decade, they show no signs of slowing down and are being let with little resistance. The latest proposal to ban rodeo and it's affiliated events occurred in Los Angeles CA after The PBR Unleash the Beast Iron Cowboy after the event made it's first and likely its last appearance in Los Angeles CA at the Staples Center in DTLA on February 22nd and 23rd, 2019.

LCA - Last Chance for Animals, an activist group organized a protest outside the venue on February 23, 2019. According to the Facebook Event, 148 protesters were present. Their efforts resulted in an unannounced LA Animal Service Commission Meeting on March 6th, 2019 where Brenda Barnette, the GM of LA Animal Services requested the City Council to prepare an ordinance to reflect her recommendations based largely on a petition posted on the LCA's website urging the LA City Council to ban rodeos and rodeo-type activities in the city of Los Angeles. There was no mention of the existing State laws, which already regulates rodeo and imposes fees for misconduct. Read the full California Code here.

The proposed ban would immediately affect the City of Los Angeles however the County of Los Angeles could be next. Los Angeles County is host to the annual California Circuit Finals Rodeo at the Antelope Valley Fair & Event Center.

Los Angeles is not the first US city or even state to ban rodeos or impose excessive regulations on a rodeo, here's a list of US city and counties that prohibit or restrict rodeo:

Locations That Prohibit Rodeo:

San Francisco, California
Pasadena, California
San Francisco, California
Napa County, California
Fort Wayne, Indiana
St. Petersburg, Florida
Greenburgh, New York prohibits rodeos on town property.

Regulations on equipment that can be used in rodeos:
- above hotshots, listed as electric prods or items of the like.

Baltimore, Maryland - prohibits the use of spurs.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania prohibiting the use of flank or bucking straps, fixed spurs, and rowels.
Southampton, New York prohibits the use of flank or bucking straps, bullhooks, and bullwhips.
Ohio - prohibits the use of flank straps.
Leestown, Virginia prohibits the use of flank straps and spurs.

Locations that Prohibit Events in Rodeos:

Nevada - prohibits steer roping.
Baltimore County, Maryland prohibits calf roping.

Think that this won't happen in your city, county or state? Think again, these groups would love nothing more than to end Rodeo Houston, Denver Livestock Show and every other rodeo. I hope that by now you are asking what can you do about it, and here's my suggestion: be educated and thoughtful when posting videos on social media and in every interaction, you have representing rodeo. Vote in your local and states election for individuals the share your values, that means doing research and taking the time to support those people in the elections and Stay up to date with new legislation in your state.

Follow and support groups like Protect The Harvest  

And know what these leading activist organizations are unto and when what legislation they are working to pass.


Now is the time to fight for rights to rodeo! 


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SeeddyTaipisp September 26, 2020

Just wanted to let you know as a friendly reader, there were a few grammatical errors in your blog. Don’t forget to proofread and a second set of eyes 👀 never hurt!

Love 💕 what your doing here!!!

Antoinette August 13, 2019

Proud to be from the Midwest and my husband Kelly dedicates time on educating both fans and upcoming athletes of animal safety. I agree western influencers have a big role to fill in helping others understand a little more than just fashion.

Shannon Nicole Timberman August 12, 2019

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