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Gabriell Kilpatrick || The Babe Behind the Brim 

During the start of my brand influencing journey, Trisha, owner of Whipin Wild rags was the first company that sent me product to model. She holds a special place in  heart as a friend, mentor & coach who's taught me the ropes of being a shop owner. The wild rag sewn on to 'the Gabriella' hat band was the first bandana I had owned from Whipin Wild rags. 

Her kindness, generosity & brilliance are one of few reasons GK Designs exists.

I am so thrilled to be working alongside her during the NFR this year with her wild rags & my hats together.

I had the privilege to interview Trisha so here's the backstory on her & the success and growth of her business.

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Where are you located? Where are you originally from?  
I currently live in Fillmore California with my Husband. Fillmore is a small town about 15 miles outside of Ventura. As the Hubs says were different as California Cowboys in that we are very fortunate to experience a huge variety of people and lifestyles, most of which are very different from ours in basically every way possible aside from tacos, everyone loves tacos. 
But as far as fashion we’re true to Ventura in that were usually wearing jean a t shirt and a Patagonia hat. We travel to  LA and throughout all of southern and central California yet we remain close to our families heritage as cattle ranchers and traders in Ventura Country. I myself didn’t grow up in a ranching family as my husband did, my parent are both first generation entrepreneurs, they called them small business owners once upon a time.  Our family is from a tiny town in so cal called Nuevo and for everyone that has thoughts and images of California being big and luxurious let me tell you, my home town has a population of 7.5K and still doesn't have a stop light, fast food, or really anything aside from farmers and small families. That little town holds a place in my hear because it's where my passion for horses and everything western started. My family had no connection to or knowledge about anything related to horses however they supported me and got me involved in every Jr Rodeo and HS rodeo association they could and it’s been the heartbeat in my life since, fun fact: Jr. Rodeo is also how I met my husband nearly 17 years ago!
Do you travel a lot for work? Where is your favorite place to travel?
I wouldn’t say I travel too much for work although December and January are pretty crazy with the NFR / National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas for 14 days at the beginning of December followed up by WESA in Denver Colorado which is the Western and English Apparel and Equipment Market which occurs around my birthday, the second week in January. As well as the Dallas Market which is near the end of January. Oh yeah and there is June, August and October Markets in Dallas as well. Fortunately I am able to have a band rep attend most those events for me. In addition to big trips I constantly make trips to LA and beyond for sourcing and development. I am a true believer in keeping a full calendar, there is so much power in connecting and networking with people via collaborations and such. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for me to jump in my car and head north or south for the day to conduct business or attend seminars and meetings. Seriously, if your calendar is empty your future is too, so fill'em up! That’s my expert tip from my God and confirmed by so many of the greats in business like Grant Cardone and Daniel Lapin who just so happen to be two of my mentors.
What are your plans for the NFR? 
I look forward to the NFR each year, I believe as I am writing this there is 63 days to the finals. I only know because there is so much to get done and so little time. The Whipin Wild Rags booth is #309 at the Stetson Country Christmas at the Sands Expo Center which is apart of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. 
The Stetson country Christmas is my personal favorite venue to shop while visiting the NFR because the vendors and options there are top notch and it’s a great size to do in a day without overwhelming chaos. A gal can easily walk it and see it all in a day Plus there is alway something fun going on like the Denim and Velvet Fashion Show on December 8th 2018 and the World Champion Dummy Roping contest which I participated in as a little one. The Sands, as us frequenters call it is home to me. If you have not been, come by and check it out, it truly is a great social and shopping experience with lots of meet and greet opportunities! Last year we had Hardy Braden NFR saddle bronc rider and go round #1 and #7 winner of the 2017 WNFR signing autographs from the Whipin Wild Rag booth and this year we are again bringing together some great influencers and brands for one of a kind shopping and styling experience with a little sip and shop each morning! We are most excited about hosting a phenomenal new hat line while there, any guesses on which line you can expect to see in the Whipin Booth? 


How have you grown your business from an idea to where it is now? 

Seriously, this business is nothing short of a testimony to God's goodness. This was a side hustle I started on Super Bowl Sunday in 2017 to get out of watching the game. I had no real expectation for it but I made an instagram and started posting and had no idea where it would take me. This business changed my life and helped me find my true passion for serving my people in the western industry and my love for everything e-commerce. I love the challenge and growth as well as the countless connections and friendships I’ve had the opportunity to build. After 4 short months I was able to leave my 9-5 which I thought was my passion as it involved serving but came short when it came to filling my cup. 

Today I am getting ready to head down to LA Textile show and further my line, it's very important to me to keep the line USA based and responsibly sourced. Tomorrow, I will again be heading to LA Fashion Week to see what new designs, colors and patterns are going to be influential to 2019 and 2020. If you know me you’ll giggle at the thought of me, Trisha, at a luxury fashion show. I am the gal in the grocery store wearing spurs if that helps put things into perspective. I am so not that person but I love the experience and people I meet while at these events. And So long as I have customers to serve i'll keep showing up and bringing my best game and fashion for you! 
How long have you been involved in the western fashion industry as a business owner? 
Whipin Wild Rags launched in February of 2017 so we're at the 20 month. Now I feel like a mom. "My baby is 36 months".. "no, your baby is 3 years old!" I hadn’t ever used a serger / thats the type of machine used to finish the scarves, before launching so I had a huge learning cure, thank you YouTube and Google for leaching me basically everything I know about sewing and business! I am a testimony that anything is possible.
How can people connect with you/easiest way to get ahold of you?
My best friends an hubs ask this all the time, if you want to speak with me send an email! 
If you want to see the newest fashion from Whipin go to 
I basically live on Instagram so find me there @Whipin_WildRags @Tgiles426 or @eCommGal send a DM or drop a comment, actually thats probably better than e-mail!
What are some of our hobbies outside of running your business?
Horses. You know that kinda weird horse crazy girl from grade school? well thats me! I love running barrels, team roping and loping circles with my horse and dogs, I call them my girls, I struggle with infertility so my dogs are my babies. Some people pay for therapists I just buy more horses and read my bible. Speaking of which I love a challenge so I am taking reining and cow horse lessons just as a new challenge. I also want to take jumping lessons but my niece (not actually but close enough) share memes and insta videos of horses setting up at fences and riders flying off so I am still a little hesitant to follow though but I am sure it’ll happen soon. 
I also love getting others involved in ecommerce business so I spend a ton of time with girlfriends basically strategizing our next moves, this is an industry that can change live. No joke, it changed mine and if your'e willing to do the work it can change yours too! 
Reach out and lets do something and please remember to come see us in Vegas at booth 309 in the Sands Stetson Country Christmas
T-Shirt: Drifter - by Boutique One Twenty One
Jeans: Distressed Bonnie - by Kimes 
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