Green with Envy - Don't Let the Worst of You Get The Best Of You

Whitney Benton of Western Couture pictured wearing Moss Green Whipin Wild Rag Photo by Tyra Drager

Unleashing the Envy-mie

Let's talk about envy and the role it plays in our lives. As much as it bothers you, I bet you will agree that you've fallen into the snares of envy. In fact, we all have, it happens when you walk around a corner and see "it" the object of your envy and before you know it the snarky thoughts and comments are pouring out and racing through your mind. You know those comments all too well, the things we say or think like: … "Must be nice" or "If I had what they have ….or they should be winning" it happens so fast it's almost impossible to stop it or even know it's going to happen before your mind is hijacked by the flood of negative commentary. The crazy thing is that most of the things we think we would never say out loud or at least not to the person that they are aimed at! It's kind of like all those fake arguments you win in the shower… but we'll save that topic for another day. Back to the point, why do we say or even think these things even if it's only in our imagination? 


Why We Entertain Envy

What do you get from being nasty? Has it ever made you feel better about yourself?

Being snarky and negative is not helping us so why do we do it.. why do we do it? I'll tell you why it's envy that creates negative self-talk that highlights our insecurities. I'll say it again IT'S OUR INSECURITIES! Envy will steal your happiness and make you miserable if you don't get it in check, and do it NOW!


Eradicate Envy

So how you turn the page on envy. Start with Gratitude, when you see something you want to be thankful for what you have to change the narrative from a negative to a positive. You can also speak aloud about your desires. You can be thankful for the old truck with rust and got you to that rodeo wild also telling yourself my dream rig already belongs to me all I need to do is reach out and grab
and said: "I can do …. Have what I desire."

By flipping the script we can also eliminate the excuse we didn't even realize we were creating. When we say things like "It must be nice" we discount the other's accomplishments and the work it took to achieve them in the same great that we also tell ourself that we shouldn't expect to accomplish the same because we are in a different place than them. Would you ever say I cannot drive to the same race they can because I am starting from a different address? No, so why would we think that way in any other part of our lives.

It's so lame that we are telling ourself that we cannot accomplish something because we out journey will be different.

Break it Down

- Why am I feeling envy?

- What am I grateful for?

- How can I achieve or attain my aspirations?

Remember the only limit you have is the one you set for yourself so turn that envy into energy and recklessly chase your dreams!

If you're still feeling a little green grab Whitney's wild rag here and read this again!

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