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Let get real, the National Finals Rodeo is about 120 days away from the time that I am writing this and my feed is already blowing up with #NFRStyle and #NFRFashion and I am not the least bit thrilled. As women in this industry, we are so much more than layers of turquoise and the latest fast fashion that is here today gone tomorrow. We have families and daily lives to tend to and although I love fashion but I am really passionate about a good conversation that’ll make a difference in the way we do life together.

I have so many questions about what is healthy today, how can I lose the cellulite that has migrated to the front of my thighs, what is the best way to save money on travel expenses while competing, how can we bring back faith in our communities, what are the biggest struggles facing American families today, where to find affordable ranch friendly home decor ideas and of course I want to know how to spend my 5 seconds of leisure time!

If you’re curious about these things I invite you to follow me - a non-influencer just like you putting in my 2 cents.

Agri-Info, What’s in your Milk and Meat?

Is it organic, hormone and antibiotic-free? And does any of it matter?

I only ask this because last week I paid $9 for a gallon of milk. That’s not a typo… I almost swallowed my tongue when the clerk rang up my one gallon of milk for nine dollars ad some change, I actually asked if he has accidentally rung it up twice. Obviously, I don’t buy organic milk unless it’s the only option and in this case, it was the only option because 2% milk is a hard no in our house.

I am pretty frugal so trust me when I tell you that $9 made me wonder why Organic milk is double the price of conventional milk and my findings will likely surprise you too!

First of all, labels are liars - Fancy packaging and bold claims are all printed in hopes to persuade you to spend more not to inform you about making the best decision. So I am here to clear the air and provide an educated answer. Believe it or not, I hold a bachelors of science degree in Biology, so yes Ill call it an educated answer.
According to the Center for Disease Control’s website “Currently, there is no single definition for “antibiotic-free” on food labels. This label is not approved by the USDA, and has no clear meaning.”All animal farming must obey strict rules to ensure no antibiotics are in the animal’s system before it can be slaughtered for food. This ensures there are no antibiotic residues (traces of leftover antibiotics) in your food. And you and your wallet will be very pleased to hear that in a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that “studies showed no evidence of differences in nutrition-related health outcomes that result from exposure to organic or conventionally produced foodstuffs.”
Save your money momma, your organic milk is not the biggest problem in your little ones diet today!

What More Important Health and Fitness or Fitting into This?

What You did to get here will not get you there.

I know I promised not to feed you NFR this and Rodeo Fashion that but hear me when I say that working a booth at the NFR is the most fun and draining thing I do all year. The kicker last year was that I was sick, not like a little sick, I am talking living on cold medicine and energy drink kind sick the entire 14 days in Las Vegas and according to a recent Harvard Study " exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system.“

When I told Casey I was headed to the Gym last week he thought I was going to meet a neighbor. It’s been about 6 years since I’ve regularly seen the inside of an athletic club or ran more than a mile in a six month period. Honestly I don’t know how this much time has slipped by but it has and I can feel it, my right knee cracks and pops and I have every excuse in the book to not get up and go but let’s be honest if I want this year to be different, I have to be different so here’s what I am doing, trust me when I tell you I am no cross-fit babe.

Stair Machine 20 Minute Workout 

2 min warm-up walk at level 4

Double step at level 5–6 for 30 seconds.

Sidestep left at level 5-6 for 30 seconds.

Sprint at level 7–8 for 30 seconds.

Sidestep right at level 5–6 for 30 seconds.

Sprint at level 7–8 for 60 seconds.

Repeat 5 times

2 min cool down walk at level 4

* two or three times a week I will add in machines or free weights.


Forget About What’s In Style

Focus on What Flatters you First

At 30 years old I am just starting to figure out my style and it's pretty black and white. Literally my closet has less than 30 items handing in it and at least 30% are black, 30% is a shade of white, and aside from a few striped tees or pirate shirts as Casey calls them the remaining 40% are mostly solids and some shade of neutral. To say my closet is plain is an understatement which might come as a shock to most of you since I run a western fashion brand. Another fun fact is that I don’t actually own any serape, animal print and I have very little turquoise in my personal collection.

I cannot actually recall a time I enjoyed shopping because finding clothes that fit my pear body shape has been a struggle for as long as I can remember but I leaned a few tips from WhoWhatWear.com that have helped me find looks that complimented my shape and style.

If you don’t already know your body shape and how to style it you need to check this out! Click Here

Also worth mentioning, last December I decided to use a capsule wardrobe to pack for the NFR and it made my life so much easier while I was there, especially with how sick I was so I’ve decided to stick with it and customize pieces that work best for my unique shape and style. 


More Home Decor

InstaStyle on a Less Than Boujee budget

Ladies It’s called Facebook Market Place, it's like Craigslist only way safer plus you can profile stock and reach out to mutual friends before deciding to meet up with sellers. In April Casey and I moved into our first official home from a tiny apartment and we seriously had nothing. It was not one of those cute apartments, it was tiny and poorly lit and in a crummy part of town. Much to everyone's surprise I was able to furnish my entire living room for under $500 including the amazing white rug that is washable, that I bought it new for less than $100 from DTLA, which I know is not ab option for most of you but Amazon may be competitive. It's a work in progress but it’s coming together nicely.

Checkout my Pinterest Our Home Board

Speaking and Seeking Simple Truths

Enneagrams or Emanuel 

I knew nothing about enneagrams until a few weeks ago on Instagram when everyone was sharing their number, so naturally, I had to take the test… and yup it nailed me down as a solid number 5.

Enneagram Type Five
The Intense, Cerebral Type:
Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and Isolated

Take the Type Test HERE

I am always amazed at how well online quizzes can nail us down but then again we are providing the answers so is it really shocking to read that I preferred alone time versus social outings, that mastery is always my goal, or that reading is more enticing than running. No.

What is amazing is Gods Grace "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Why do we put so much weight on figuring things out and these little test that identifies our personality traits instead of reading our Bible? I am not sure why but I am guilty of it too. And just of curiosity what is your Type?

Casey is a solid 3 which isn’t surprising either but the test agrees that our relationship is nothing short of divine. Supposedly he helps make me less socially awkward, which is actually frightening to think of how weird I would be without him.

Beyond AQHA 5 Panel Genetic Testing

Breeding for better not Broken

How is it that the AQHA has recognized 5 genetic diseases as problematic enough that there is a requirement for studs to be tested for and yet we allow stallions that have tested positive to continue to contribute to the future generations gene pool in any capacity. Shouldn’t breeders and owners alike work to capture the best characteristics of bloodlines and work to reduce the occurrence of negative traits being passed to future generations?

The five genetic diseases tested for are:
GBED (glycogen branching enzyme deficiency) a recessive genetic disorder.
HERDA (hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia) an autosomal recessive trait.
HYPP (hyperkalemic periodic paralysis) autosomal dominant trait,
MH (malignant hyperthermia) where
malignant hyperthermia susceptibility (MHS) is an autosomal dominant trait.
PSSM (polysaccharide storage myopathy) an autosomal dominant trait.

Since 2015 all AQHA studs are required to have a five-panel genetic test on file with AQHA prior to the registration of their foals. However, a positive test result doesn’t disqualify a stallion from producing or having his offspring registered. And what about mares, since positive stallions are eligible to breed it is not enough to assume the probability of the offsprings genetic composition based on Punnett squares alone.

Allowing stallions and mares for that mater to contribute propagate unhealthy genes is counterproductive to creating the best offspring we can. Do yourself a favor and don't buy broken, you can find the results to most stallions 5-panel genetic test with a quick google search. You’ll save yourself thousands and a heartache.

The 5-panel genetic test can be acquired from the AQHA members for $100 and $155 for a non-member.

Click Here to Purchase a 5 Panel Gentic Test

What’s Inspiring Me Right Now

Who What How

I’ve been crushing on Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee, and it’s all about branding, but not livestock. We’re talking personal branding which has never really interest me because as you know I am a type 5 and my super isolated secretive self is not super pumped about living out my awkwardness for all to see. But here’s the catch, what if I have a unique message because I’ve spent so much time being the investigator.

Times are changing, I cannot name very many kids nowadays that already have their hearts set on law or medical degrees but I know a few that are already or on their way to be being bloggers, YouTubers, gamers and even running an e-commerce brand as I do. And let me tell you I am so excited to help and cheer them on because I am a firm believer in the joy of living your passion. I’ve learned so much from Whipin and it’s supporters but teaching and passing on what I’ve learned had been the biggest blessing of all! So be prepared to get to know me, Trisha Giles, a lot better and let it inspire you to tell your own story,

If you’re interested at all in growing a personal brand to tell a story or build a career you need to listen to Crushing It!


I love reading your stuff! Keep up the hustle.

Kaci Riggs Myers August 08, 2019

Thanks for sharing. Several of these topics have been on my mind a lot as well, so good to know I’m not the only one.

Dallas Marshall August 07, 2019

Wowzers. I am so happy I took the time to read this. These topics are really big and in today’s society, a lot of people are unaware or uneducated. I am very passionate about fashion and my home life being a rancher and being outdoors as well and for someone to be able to connect the two and to educate others I just have to say you did a great job!! Thank you for bringing some light to these subjects keep doing you!

Claire Shinn August 06, 2019

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