3 Ways to Beat the Rodeo Heat this Fourth Of July

Cowboy Christmas is almost here and it's time to let old glory fly high.

Three Tips to Get You Ready for Cowboy Christmas Fourth of July Rodeo Run 


Must Have Red White and Blue Styles 

This week marks the kick off for summer rodeos as the competitors head out down the rodeo road up as the  PRCA and WPRA seasons head down the final stretch of the year to see who will qualify for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada. This week is also a fan favorite for the great competition and the chance for us to enjoy America's favorite sport while showing our patriotism for this great nation. While your at the rodeo here are a few tip to keep you cool and comfortable with rising summer temperatures

BYOW - Bring You Own Water

Most events will allow you to bring in your own water, if you have little ones also remember to pack them a water. Summer temperatures can be brutal. Plus you know the second you get up to get a refreshment a new arena record set.

SPF - Skip Peeling & Fire

I am hoping you're already wearing SPF daily, as most of us spend a great deal of our time in the sun and let's be honest most of us don't want to look like a worn out leather pouch. Plus I don't know about you but Im pretty fair and the red lobster look never tans, it feels like fire and then peels and Im back to pasty white. Play it safe and be the Rhianna of the Rodeo and get Under the Umbrella!

Wet down that Wild Rag for a Cool Down! 

Yup, you hear it hear, our wild rags are water friendly and the perfect way to keep stylish and cool all summer long! 


This Fourth of July lets celebrate what my favorite Rodeo announcer Jamie Osbrink  refers to as "yours, mine, and our National Anthem" 

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